Autism Awareness

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The disorder is mainly defined as, “a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior”, and can be diagnosed in a child as young as 18 months of age.  According to the Mayo Clinic, boys are affected at a higher rate than girls. The cause of the disorder is not completely known, but scientist believe that both genetics and environmental factors plays a role. #autism #autismawareness


Autism Awareness is helping more people to understand this issue and helping children to be better diagnosed. I can admit that the first time I saw someone with Autism was on the movie Mercury Rising. I had heard of the disorder but never actually met a person with the disorder. While I watched the movie I was amazed how smart the kid was with the things he was doing. But I wondered if that was a true representation of the disorder.  As time went on I found out the one thing the movie had correct was how smart autistic children are. I learned that there are different ways that autism is presented in an individual and everyone does not act the same way.

Other movies have been created since more light has been shined on Autism. Here are a list of 5 movies that can be seen on Netflix about Autism:

  • Sounding The Alarm
  • Fly Away
  • Dad’s in Heaven with Nixon
  • A Mother’s Courage: Talking Back to Autism
  • The Story of Luke

There are a few more titles that was present but these are noted as the top 5.  I am a nurse and have now been in contact with a few patients with Autism and I can say they were a joy, but I plan on watching these movies to get a little more insight into what my patients and their families go thru. Will you join me in further educating yourself on this disorder? Have you worn blue to acknowledge Autism this month? Well April has just started so you have several more days to represent your support. #autismawareness #autism #awareness #autismlove

April is Autism Awareness month so be sure to educate yourself on this disorder a little more. Share the information that you learn, and if you know someone with Autism be more supportive if you haven’t been.

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D#siblings #familylove #family #sisters #familylifeo you have  siblings?  Well I have 4 of them. 3 sisters and a brother, who is the youngest. Me, being the oldest, have the upper hand of knowing all of their personalities and I know about all of their mishaps as small ones lol.  So this is a reminder to them; do not make me mad enough to release all the goods on y’all.  I was the only child for seven years, and I was happy when I found out my mom was having a baby, but when that baby got big enough to mess with my belongings all that changed. 


Stigma on Epilepsy

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As I sit here watching an episode of “Different Strokes”, I am gaining more insight of other things that can cause issues in someone’s life with Epilepsy. In this episode the epilepsykids make friends with a street performer and she has a seizure in front of them one day. Of course, it scared them, and they no longer wanted to be her friend. The youngest child, Sam, thought her condition was contagious and ” creepy”, while Arnold was afraid but still made fun of what he observed. The old saying holds true that what people don’t understand they make fun of it or ostracize those that are dealing with it.