Losing Weight

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#fitness #weightloss #lifestyleOk, so since I have started on this journey to become healthier I have lost a total of 20.8 lbs. YAY me, right! I started this path back in June, and for that month I believe I lost 11lbs. I am excited to see that I am still losing it, not my mind, but the weight.  These are the things that I have done to aid in my weight loss:

The Scale is the Devil!!

scalesI know its plenty of people out there that agree with me when I say the scale is the devil.. well maybe it plays devil’s advocate at times. Why do we tempt ourselves by putting it in our view thru the week? Well I thought if I had it in my view it would remind me to stay on track and remember weigh-ins, hahahahahaha whatever…lol (more…)

Lifestyle Changes

lifestyle change

As Nurses, or anyone in the medical profession, you want to lead by example, at least that’s what I want to do. Being overweight, smoking, or taking part in anything that is reckless to my health is bad for me as well as the patients I care for. This is what I always think to myself as a part of my mantra to getting healthy. I do not smoke, but my weight is not where I want it to be and my eating habits are not great either. Putting change off will only lead to a bad outcome so I will not call this a diet, but a lifestyle change. This change will include these things: (more…)

Healthy Water (Infused)

Have you been drinking your water? You know its needed right? I have a hard time getting all my water in on a daily basis as well. Sometimes it’s boring drinking plain water, and I have even heard people say the do not like water. In these instances I always suggest using the flavored packs from like Crystal Light, or buying the flavored waters. But, now people are infusing their water on their own with fresh fruit and sometimes veggies. This makes your healthy water even better.  And there are several great recipes to do this. Some of the waters are: (more…)

No More Nursing Home Jobs!!

nursing qoute4



 In my search for part-time work, I found a Nursing Home/Rehab facility near my home to do some work at. I had always said I wouldn’t go back into being a Charge Nurse in this type of environment, but I figured maybe somethings had changed.  Well, I was wrong about that ish! Same ole same with the med carts being in disarray, CNA’s short on the floor, call lights being ignored, and the Charge Nurse, a respected one anyway, is responsible to make sure all these things are corrected and efficient during their shift. Now don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge but this on a daily basis is like you playing Russian roulette with your Nursing License. I do not have time for that, and will not endanger my lively hood or my patients lives. So here is what happened.