The Day They left Me


This is my first Grand Baby Jessiah.


Yesterday was both relieving and bittersweet for me. My daughters moved back to Tulsa and so the grand babies  are gone as well. The reason for my relief, I no longer have to yell at the girls, whom wants to be considered grown, for continuing to act like children. And everyone should know that this scenario does not work out well, especially when those acting like kids have kids.  Given these factors, along with others, the girls had to venture out once again to become true grown ups and great Moms in the comfort of their own homes.

Aiden was away for his last visit with the Neurologist for his Spina Bifida, while Jessiah was at home with his mom, my husband and me helping his mom finish her packing. Well at least he thought he was helping. I had a chance to love on Jessiah all the way up until it was time for them to depart, and I guess the hugs and kisses that I planted on Aiden in the days prior to them leaving would have to suffice until I see him again.

baby Aiden

baby Aiden


This day will forever be known as the day they left me because that’s what it seems like since they will not be in close proximity for me to visit with them.  We will no longer wake up to Jessiah beating on our bedroom door screaming “PawPa” so he can see my husband before he dashes off to work or yelling ‘eat eat’ to his mom for ALL meals.


I was saddened today again as I went to write this blog because I noticed I had not taken any recent photos of him since he turned 2 on March 25, 2014. I always took photos of him as much as I could so it still isn’t clear to me as to why there is no recent pics of baby J. Baby J is the name my husband gave him before he was even born, once my daughter told us what she was naming the baby that was the nickname Ed started to call him.  But at least I still have the funny videos we took of him as he danced or did crazy baby J stuff…lol.

His 2yr Bday Party!

His 2yr Bday Party!


aiden4Aiden on the other hand is still so young and in the quiet, sleepy baby phase that all we can do is hold him and catch the smiles while he sleeps.  He has been through so much in just the couple of months he’s been on this Earth with us. Aiden was recently in the hospital for about a month due to a few issues that his condition caused. But he came home stronger and much better ready to take on the World again.

He is such a strong little baby with his handsome self, and has the prettiest eyes. He is so adorable and just stares up at you with his eyes just as wide as they are bright.  My husband and I will miss the next several months of his growth and progression, as we did with Jessiah, but we know he will be okay because I keep him held up in prayer daily. The day they left me is bittersweet because I enjoyed having them here to see them grow and reach those special milestones. But being stressed almost daily because of the constant conflict with their mothers is not good for my health and would have prevented me from truly enjoying these times. aiden5




I will take stock in the posted and texted photos we are sure to receive from the girls, and in knowing that we will see each other soon enough to continue our hugs and kisses.  So Jessiah and Aiden, even though you guys can’t read this right now, know that Gammie and PawPa loves you guys with all of our hearts. See you soon and take care of your mommy’s.


  • TIffSpeller says:

    Baby J is what I still call my 14 year old. Very nicely written; a lot of it resonates with me with my twins being grown and gone. Its stressful having a dependent “adult” under your room. I fully understand the term “Happy to see them come, happy to see them go”. Enjoy your empty nest!

    • TinaWillis says:

      Thanks Tiff I am surely enjoying it. I will get to see the Grand kids soon enough and I just look at it as a reason to travel. Which is always awesome to do!

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