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 Infused Water

Have you been drinking your water? You know its needed right? I have a hard time getting all my water in on a daily basis as well. Sometimes it’s boring drinking plain water, and I have even heard people say the do not like water. In these instances I always suggest using the flavored packs from like Crystal Light, or buying the flavored waters. But, now people are infusing their water on their own with fresh fruit and sometimes veggies. This makes your healthy water even better.  And there are several great recipes to do this. Some of the waters are:

infused water

– Lemons, Cucumbers, and Mint leaves which can help with bloating.

– Pineapples, Strawberries, and Sage and this is said to help with relaxation

-Green Tea, Tangerines, and Mint leaves to help boost your metabolism.




According to some of these recipes I have read, not only will you get a refreshing drink of water, but an added bonus to your health. The only thing I have encountered so far with the infused waters I have made is the bitter taste sometimes. I am still trying to get the timing right of how long to let the ingredients soak in the water before drinking. Now I have drank lemon water before so I can handle the bitterness for the most part, but I am sure with the natural sweetness from some fruit it should get better.

infused water2

I most recently made a Strawberry-Kiwi infused water. On the first day it was bitter, but I noticed it tasted better on the second day, and actually later that night on the first day. When I made the water I just knew it was going to taste wonderful because I love both of these fruits on there own. But as I said, I am still working on the timing of letting the fruit settle. Either way I got in the water I needed and enjoyed some of my favorite fruit. You can’t beat that for adding to your health.


If you have tried any of these infused water recipes comment below. I would love if you added your own, and feel free to share this blog with others. Thanks.

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