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Tina Willis ImageHello my name is Tina and I created The Nutty Nurse blog as a way to share how I see life sometimes, as well as talk about my beautiful family and friends.  This blog is not about all things nursing, but I may share a funny nursing story or some health conscious information from time to time. It is About the insights of life from a person that is a Wife, Mom, Grandmother, and Sister that happens to be a Nurse. 

Again, from time to time I may communicate some of the crazy things I encounter in the medical world, without violating HIPPA laws of course, because it is a part of who I am, but that is not the total focus of this blog. I will share my travels, some life events, and even some great recipes and coupon tips. After all, who doesn’t like sharing and telling about their deals and savings?

If you feel the need to vent about some things or just want to share be sure to comment frequently. Join me in this journey.




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