Another Day Saved (SUPERMOM)


Have you ever decided to just let your children do things on their own? No matter what the task is at hand? Just to help them to feel independent, and to assure yourself that you are not always meddling or taking over their ideas? Well I have, and it appears that I may have to start monitoring some things instead of just leaving these kids totally alone with these ideas or projects they have.

I mean really, they call me to untwist the mangled medal in the end anyway. And if I am monitoring things I can just jump in when grey areas start to appear and correct things early on. This way I will not run into almost chaotic situations like the one I endured on 2/1/14.


Yesterday was my youngest daughters’ baby shower, her name is Tasha. She was up early cleaning the house and getting herself dressed while waiting on her big sister to come over to help decorate and cook for the day’s festivities. I heard her cleaning while I lay in bed, half asleep, feeling great because this shower would not need my hands in it. Unbeknownst to Tasha and myself plans had changed.

I got out of bed around 1130a to do some work in my office and I asked Tasha what time was the eldest girl, Mi-Mi, coming to get the party started. Tasha called her sister’s phone several times but received no response. It is now 1245p, we have not heard from Mi-Mi, the food and decorations have not been purchased yet, and there is no backup plan as to who will step in just in case the Host did not come through. At this point I began to put on my clothes and shoes, tell the child we need to hurry and get to the grocers because it will be 330p and guest will start to appear before you know it.

We arrive at the store, she doesn’t have a list of things she need, she can’t remember the games that were chosen to play during the shower and we also have to get decorations and gifts. Yep, did I say this day was going great and was going to be a relaxing day for me? This does not appear to be the case. At last, we have purchased everything we need, loaded the car, and on our way back home to throw things together.


It is now around 3p when we make it to the house and get the groceries in. Tasha’s friend came over and helped her get the decorations up, I then focused on the cooking. Everything is just about done and the first guest arrives at the door. Good thing chips and dip along with a fruit tray is on the table. The one thing missing is the cake, which was a task handed off by Mi-Mi to a friend, and it was to arrive soon; I hoped.

A few more guests arrived and in came the cake with more of her friends, finally I could stop holding my breath…lol. Tasha appeared to be doing well and had things under control with keeping her guests entertained so I checked out to go and get dressed. During this brief intermission I just began to think of all the what ifs.

What if I was out of town, what if we were not able to help purchase these things for her, what if there was no transportation to get the things we needed to pull this shower off? Then I just said, “Thank You Lord for giving my husband and I the ability to help our children when they need us”.

I was ok with being Super Mom and saving the day so that the baby girl’s day wouldn’t be spoiled and the grandchild could receive the gifts he will truly need. Her shower was a blast and all is well! I will never leave party planning to these kids again. super mom2


When was the last time you allowed your children to handle the fine details of a project? What was the turn out? Please comment, like, and share. Thank you.


This is Tasha

This is Tasha. 

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