D#siblings #familylove #family #sisters #familylifeo you have  siblings?  Well I have 4 of them. 3 sisters and a brother, who is the youngest. Me, being the oldest, have the upper hand of knowing all of their personalities and I know about all of their mishaps as small ones lol.  So this is a reminder to them; do not make me mad enough to release all the goods on y’all.  I was the only child for seven years, and I was happy when I found out my mom was having a baby, but when that baby got big enough to mess with my belongings all that changed. 

#siblings #brother #sister #family #bigsister My first little sister was a true thorn in my side and I couldn’t understand why.  At first she was this sweet little thing that I could teach things to and she followed me around like I was all she knew. But one day she became this annoying tattle-tale and I no longer wanted her following me around so she told that as well! My mother would instruct me to let her tag along, ooh the things I would mumble under my breath. Oh don’t act like you all haven’t done that :/  Anyway, her name is Gwee and even though she was a thorn she became a beautiful Rose in my Garden of  Siblings.

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My first lil sister Gwee


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Jaz the middle sister


Our middle sister Jaz is the sensitive firecracker! Yes, I meant to say firecracker.. lol. She is as sweet as she wants to be, but if you get on her bad side she will blow up like a bomb even though she has her big sisters to protect her. Jaz is very spoiled, she will not admit it but she is. Even the baby sister spoils her so she may be the middle sister but she is also the brat of the bunch.  Our little brat is expecting and it will be so amazing to see her nurture her little one. I know Jaz will be an awesome mom, but I am biased right,  whatever.

  The baby sister is Sarah, and we call her Fatty. She was just the cutest little, juicy baby when she was born, and a family friend actually gave her the name, we never changed it.  Of course she hates for people to call her that in public now, but me being the big sister I can get away with it. It’s a habit for me.Could you imagine me being 80 yrs old calling my sister fat-fat or fatty? HA! I can and I probably will.

 Sarah is like one of my children because she lived with me for so long and I raised her with my girls for a while. I remember my husband and I had gotten so use to her being around we would always say we had 4 girls when people would ask how many kids we had at home. Oh but I thank God I did not physically birth 4 children. Three was enough to have grown in my womb, distort my figure, and then kick their way out!   But, nevertheless I have 7 kids in total. Those are the benefits of having siblings. 

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My baby sis Sarah


My little brother and I was basically attached at the hip until he was about 2 years old. Then I had to stop picking him up because I was waiting for my own little girl to be born.  He was such a mess, he would pull everything down if he could reach it. Most of the times it would be close to being pulled down on his lil head.  Diontae would shuffle around in his walker and follow the other kids around, not having a clue about what they were doing. But, he was always on a mission to find something to crash.  He has grown up to be a wonderful young man, and I feel bad for him because he has 4 sisters to deal with. Well, he doesn’t have to deal with us just those young women that believe they can step into his life without our say so.  I know it may seem harsh, but hey we have to protect our lil brother!!!  That’s just the way it is!


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My brother Diontae
















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  • It sounds like you had a fun and busy house to grow up in! I’m the baby of three married to the baby of three and we have two of our own!

  • Jasmine Davis says:

    I love this, and yes I can say I’m spoiled now. That’s the benefits of being the middle child. I love my siblings

    • TinaWillis says:

      Well say goodbye to your spoiled tactics once the baby arrives it will be allllll about him. lol And thanks for the comment.

  • Eng Tinkham says:

    I like how your family goes with. I can’t wait to create my own family too. 🙂

  • sahana says:

    Seems like you had fun growing with 3 sibilings.I have one brother and I had enough of fun growing up with him .Now that we are grown up we kind of have matured talks and also a missing fun times together as we live in different countries.

    • TinaWillis says:

      Wow I couldn’t imagine living in different countries from my siblings. It was hard living in different States. It was fun sometimes, but they could get a little annoying when we were

  • TinaWillis says:

    Yeah it was fun at times but could also get a little rough being the oldest. I guess my mom had the most expectations out of me at times. My hubby, its just him and his brother and we have 3 and his brother has 1 so far. Still a busy house during holidays and still fun. Thanks for the comment.

  • Jennifer says:

    I am the oldest of two. My mother had two girls and I had two boys go figure lol

    • TinaWillis says:

      Yeah I followed in my moms footsteps with birthing daughters. I wanted all boys, and I wasn’t brave, or crazy, enough to continue on having children to hold out for a son.

  • Mary Hill says:

    I have two brothers and one sister. We are all a mess too. My oldest brother served in the Airforce. My little sister, who is next in line after me, married a missionary and home schools. Our baby brother is a handy man and works on refrigerators and air conditioners. We were all real close in age: now 48, 47, 45, and 40. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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