Does having a Life exist when you have a family?

The Return

Well I have returned! I was supposed to update my blog with my travel adventures to South Carolina in February, but that plan didn’t work out the way I thought it would. The trip was wonderful, but finding time to post about it was basically non-existent. Of course my intentions were to post during our stay in SC but the atmosphere was so captivating that all I wanted to do was snap pictures and take in the sights with my husband. I know you guys can understand that, right? Anyway, upon our return home everything seemed to be in whirlwind status. Hence my question: Does having a life exist when you have a family?

The Rundown

stressed moments

stressed moments

Okay, so we already knew the baby girl was going into the hospital the following Monday of our return home to have her baby so the only thing left to do for that was ensure her hospital bags were packed, emergency numbers were in place, and attend her last physician visits. But, we were not prepared for the oldest girl getting detained on an outstanding warrant, me having to keep grandchild #1 during this adventure, baby girl having to start her delivery process without anyone by her side (had to wait for someone to pick up grandchild #1), and playing laser tag with the bail payment system my daughter used for her release for an additional week.

WHEW!!! Deep breath now, deep breaths… That’s what I had to keep telling myself each day. And so as I began to see little strings of gray hair and bald spots to appear in my head (just kidding) I reached for my Bible, or should I say phone App of the Bible, either way it got the job done. During all this I still had to study for school, keep the house up to snuff along with meals for the hubby, and since we are down to one vehicle I had to evade sleep to be on time to pick him up from work late nights. I kept searching for brief moments of relief for myself. Instead of seeing Calgon moments I envisioned Starbucks solace with no one else around. Don’t judge me!!

  I just kept praying “Lord give me the strength to keep going”, and everyday I continued on knowing that if I fell down that would hinder my family.  When I had a few moments to myself I would ask “how in the hell do we as women do this on a daily”? Meaning run our households, work, and keep our Sanity? Then I remembered how much busier I was when the girls were younger and they all lived at home. It was hard but thinking about it made it appear to be a breeze compared to the current situation. I’m sure it’s because back then I had to plan for a fiasco, but now I wasn’t expecting an invasion in my home LOL, and surely did not expect those that returned to have extra packages with them. But such is life when you have a family of your own right!?

The Finale

If I haven’t learned anything else in life I do know that the Sun is always brightest after the storm. At least it appears that way to me! Through all the turmoil grandchild #2 was born on February 17th, and I

Grandchild #2

Grandchild #2

was able to get in the operating room to be with my daughter as they did her C-section. He was so big, 8 lbs 10.5 oz,  handsome, and a sight for sore eyes. His name is Aiden and he was diagnosed with Spina Bifida during my daughter’s pregnancy, if I hadn’t mentioned it in my other posts. Aiden was moving both his legs as much as he could, the dr. yelled out “well he doesn’t have a problem peeing on his own”, and it brought tears to my eyes.

These things, and others, were just the beginning of what I was believing God would heal and show the physicians that HE has the last word on everything in Life. My daughter was released from the hospital a few days later, but the baby had to stay and for surgery, which we expected. A few days after, my eldest daughter was released from jail after paying her fines finally, and things APPEARED to be returning to normal. But what is “normal” for a mom, now a grandmother x2? Does anyone have an answer to that question, and if so please let me know! The journey continues, and the Grace of God sustains.

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