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#fitness #weightloss #lifestyleOk, so since I have started on this journey to become healthier I have lost a total of 20.8 lbs. YAY me, right! I started this path back in June, and for that month I believe I lost 11lbs. I am excited to see that I am still losing it, not my mind, but the weight.  These are the things that I have done to aid in my weight loss:

  • Trying to drink at least half my weight in water. This helps me to stay hydrated, get rid of water weight and decrease my cravings        #exercise #weightloss
  • Eating 5 meals a day, which includes snacks. This helps to keep my metabolism stoked as this is my biggest problem.
  • I started Juicing for most of my meals, at least two of my meals. I used JJ’s Green Smoothie 10 day Detox book to start.
  • Exercising- It is not always 3x a week, but I do get some form of exercise in.



I have not been consistent as I would like to be with everything, but it’s coming along and I feel great knowing that I have not just dropped the ball. There was a time when I would start dieting and exercising and if I had a bad day, by eating the wrong thing, I would see that as a need to start over or a reason to quit. Because I haven’t quit I am reaping the benefits of doing right by my temple.  I finally can accept that everyday will not be perfect, and as long as I continue to put forth the effort the weight will continue to fall off.  I do wish I had more of a support system, you know like a walking group or someone to talk to that would hold me accountable. My husband is supportive, but he isn’t going to say anything that’s not supportive, or give me that good kick in tush I may need.


#beastmode #fitness #lifestyleAs long as I keep my eyes on the prize, and know the reason behind my journey, I will accomplish my goals.  Being able to blog about my progress will help keep me stay motivated, and I guess its how I can be accountable to myself. So beast mode on for me and I most definitely will work on getting my exercise time up. I love it when I do exercise because it makes me feel so good, and of course the energy I have from it.  I also get inspired when I see and hear about others losing weight. Those people who have tackled this journey before me helps to keep me encouraged and uplifted and it lets me know this is doable.


 So what goals are you trying to carry out, or what journey are you on to improve self? Please comment and share, subscribe. 



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