The Scale is the Devil!!

scalesI know its plenty of people out there that agree with me when I say the scale is the devil.. well maybe it plays devil’s advocate at times. Why do we tempt ourselves by putting it in our view thru the week? Well I thought if I had it in my view it would remind me to stay on track and remember weigh-ins, hahahahahaha whatever…lol

I did a stupid thing by getting on my scale more than one time this week and found out that it basically calculates your water intake and possibly even your meal if you get on right after eating. I swear it knew every time I drank a few cups of water. I will not get on my scale except for on Saturdays when I am supposed to weigh in. I almost let that scale depress me into thinking I wasn’t accomplishing much. Then I got smart and remembered the water intake the muscle wt. gain and told the scale to kiss where the sun don’t shine until this upcoming Saturday…lol!!! I have increased my workout time though and I even have started working out at open moments. Like while watching tv I do a few bicep curls, and I have found out that my Wii can be used while I watch television. While watching my program I can have my Wii going on the game channel so this week I will be doing just that, I will do it while watching my DVR so I can fast forward thru commercials.

So I guess the scale has its usefulness seeing how it convinced me to up my exercise game. Of course I am smart enough not to over do it, it actually has helped my energy levels. I am no longer afraid to push the envelope, and I can not wait to see the results that will come from it.. not just on the scale but in the mirror and the fit of my clothes..

Game FAce ON!!



How does the scale make you feel on your weigh-in days and how do you over come those feelings? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends.

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